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Steps to  Download Aptoide Apk

If you are searching for Alternative of Google Play Store then here it is Aptoide App Store. In this Guide, we have listed about the Aptoide Download Guide along with Aptoide APK for Free by using which you can try out Aptoide Installer on your Android & iOS Smartphone.

Most of the Smartphone Market is dominated by Android and in that, Play Store is the Undisputed King when it Comes to a Dependable App Market Place.

But due to some Reasons like late Availability and In-App Purchases etc proves that Android Playstore has its Flaws. So here is the Best Alternative to Play Store, the Aptoide Apps Store.

There are many other alternatives to Playstore, but with more than 6,00,000 Apps and 2 Billion Downloads, Aptoide Surpasses the other App Stores by a Huge Margin.

So, in this article, we will take you through the Process of Aptoide Installer and let you Enjoy the App Installing Service using Aptoide.

Aptoide App Features:

Aptoide APP download

Aptoide was Launched in 2009 with an Intend to Develop a Specialized App Market Store for Android and iOS. The concept of the Aptoide App is Inspired by APT Packaging Manager, so they have named it Aptoide (“APT” from the Packaging Manager and “oide” from Android).

Here are some of the Worth Mentioning Features of Aptoide Apk:

  • In Aptoide Appstore, Everything is Free, you don’t need to Pay for any Apps. All the available Apps are Completely Free to use.
  • You can have your Personalized App Store.
  • Compatible with all Versions of Android Smart Phone. Now available for iOS also.
  • Aptoide UI is very Simple and can be Viewed Categorically.
  • Aptoide Apk will be a Perfect Backup for Google Play Store.
  • Aptoide App is Available in more than 15 Languages.
  • It’s under GPU License.
  • Using Aptoide, You can use very popular Apps like Showbox and Lucky Patcher & also games like GTA San Andreas & Minecraft.

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Advantages of using Aptoide App over Google Play Store:

Aptoide Download for Android

Here are some of the Benefits of using Aptoide Appstore rather than Google Play Store.

  • If you have Rooted your Android Device then most of the time, Google Playstore access will be restricted then. At that time, you can use Aptoide App Store as a Best Alternative of Google Playstore.
  • Sometimes you encounter with a Error of “Unable to Access Play Store” even though your Android Device isn’t Rooted then you use the Aptoide App to get an Error Free Experience.
  • At the time of Update Process is going on, you can’t Access Play Store while you can use Aptoid App even if you are Updating any of the Apps or Games.
  • You can find the apps which you will not find in Play Store.
  • You can upload your apps & earn from it.
  • Aptoide Store helps you to get 75% Share from the Revenue collected from your App. Whereas in Google Play Store you will get 70%.
  • Will work on Android Version 2.3 & above.

So, now if you are willing to Download & Install this Apptoide iOS Lite App, then we will help you take over to the process of it.

How to Download & Install Aptoide Apk on Android?

Here is the step to step guide & review to download & install Aptoide App.
  1. Firstly, Go to Settings –>> Security–>> Unknown Resources (Then Enable it)
  2. Now Download the Aptoide Apk File from here –> Click Here (8.6.1 Version)
  3. After the download of Aptoide Apk file then click on file.
  4. Select Yes and start the Aptoide Installer.
  5. That’s it. Aptoide Home App is installed on your Android Smartphone.

Video Tutorial of Downloading Aptoide

If you have faced any problems or struck at any position, you can follow this video guide and solve it. The below video explains the process clearly.

Alternative of  Aptoide Apk on iOS

The above guide will not be helpful in Aptoide Installer in iOS. Unfortunately, there is no method or trick to Install Apptoide app on iOS.
But you can go with the perfect alternative for Aptoide on iOS, i.e Cydia.
  • You need a JailBroken iPhone to use Cydia App Store.
  • Just wait for your iPhone Warranty to Expire then you can try Jail Break on that.
  • You need to Download & Install Cydia on your iPhone which can serve as an alternative to App Store.
  • Using Cydia & IAP Patcher in tandem, you can By Pass In-App Purchases in iOS.
Cydia is perfectly Safe and Shares almost the same functionality as Aptoide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

So here are the Exclusive Queries related to Aptoide App Store:

Is the Aptoide Market Place App is Safe to Use?
Yes, it’s perfectly safe to use. The file which we have provided has been tested and its free of Bugs.

Is Aptoide Apps are Safe?

Yes, Aptoide is safe and legitimate. At present, it serves more than 600,000 apps and 200,000 Stores.

Do we Need to Pay to use it?

No, It’s free and the app in Aptoide Apps store are also free to use.

What if the Apps in the store contains Malware?
There is a platform known as Aptoide Anti-Malware Platform, which will scan thoroughly and eliminate the risk of Malware.

Google Play Store isn’t available in my Country. Can I use Aptoide?
Yes, Perfectly. That’s what make the app unique & best Alternative to Play Store.

Will I get revenue if I upload an App to Aptoide Store?
Yes, you will get 75% revenue of what your App Generated.

What’s the Latest version? And does we need to update regularly?
The Latest version is and the App updates itself.

Can I use Aptoide in PC?
So far, there’s no dedicated PC Software available for Aptoide but you can use Android Emulators to Install the Aptoide Installer in your PC.

Can I Watch Live TV using the Apps Available in Aptoide?
Yes, You will find many of the Live TV Streaming Apps in Aptoide which are not allowed in Playstore. Apps like Showbox, Smartcric is also there.

Hope, this guide presents you with all the Queries related to Aptoide App and also helps you with Aptoide Apk Download and Aptoide Installer. Share this article on Social networking sites with your friends.

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