Download FlashFire 0.60 Pro Apk Wizard [ROOT] by Chainfire

Download Flashfire Apk for your Android device to flash it with the easiest method currently having. The Flash Fire Tool you are able to apply as the final release of Flashfire download was updated in 9th of Aug 2017. And the released version of Flash fire Apk is still is there as a beta version. You are also able to Download & Install Flashfire Pro Apk Wizard with any Android device above the version Android 4.2 as those are the compatible ones. You can download the Flashfire Wizard Apk with the Link we’ve supplied you here in this post or from the Google Playstore as well. The Developer of the Flashfire App, Chainfire is the one that offer such a Great Tool for Android Users. So Just Download & Install this user-friendly Flashfire Apk Wizard App with your Android directly and make your device an interesting one.

latest flashfire apk download for android

Latest Flashfire Apk Download for Android

The latest update of Flashfire brings a lot of bug fixes, improvements and new features. The latter is mostly related to Pixel devices though.

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There was a Pre-release of this Version on XDA Forum a few weeks ago, without much further comment. This post and the change-logs of Flashfire App includes all the changes in that version as well.

1. Partition Layouts with Slots

Initial support has been added for devices with multiple copies (slots) of some partitions, such as the new Google Pixel line. Slot management is mostly automatic, but most actions let you manually override the slot the action is performed on.

The new OTA format introduced with these devices is now also supported. Unlike traditional devices, FlashFire will even attempt to intercept the OTA download and launch its GUI to flash it when the download is complete. (It is questionable if this will work on future devices that are not made by Google itself)

2. File-based Encryption

Initial support has been added for the new file-based encryption introduced with Android 7.0, which is the default encryption method for the new Google Pixel line.

Due to how this encryption method works, FlashFire can only be guaranteed to have full access to the data of the primary user. At this time, data of other users will not be backed up or restored.

Additionally, for a backup to be restored in encrypted form, it has to be both made and restored with the device in

Flash Without Recovery using Flashfire Apk

Flash Without Recovery using Flashfire Apk

an encrypted state, and be restore by FlashFire. Restoring on an unencrypted device will always lead to an unencrypted result, as will an emergency restore with TWRP.


Aside from the already mentioned slot-OTA format, a number of issues with handling other OTA formats have been fixed, and support for ‘uncrypted’ (unencrypted files on an encrypted block device) OTAs has been added.

4. Magisk

Basic support has been added for using FlashFire on a device with Magisk present, both with SuperSU Pro App as well as (only) Topjohnwu’s mod of superuser. I have only done basic testing, so your mileage may vary.

If you want to root your android device systemlessly then magisk is the best option ever. There are tons of mods available in the magisk repo. I recommended you to root your android device with Magisk Su and Magisk Manager [Detailed Guide] instead of Super Su.

5. Read/Write Access to/System

FlashFire used to auto-detect whether /system was modified, and pre-set some flashing options based on this, if you selected a ZIP or firmware package to flash.

It turns out this detection (based on ext4 lifetime writes) is not completely reliable unless checked immediately after boot. As such, by default /system is now always treated as original. There is now an option in the settings screen to change this behavior.

6. ZIP Intent

By request, I’ve added the capability for external programs to launch FlashFire and set up flashing a provided ZIP file. See the documentation site for further information.

How to Download & Install Flashfire Pro Apk Wizard

How to Download & Install Flashfire Pro Apk Wizard

Important Points of Flashfire Apk before Download:

  • The recent version you have to download as Flashfire Apk is 0.60 as a beta release.
  • For users of ROM file with CM based have to access the download Flashfire Pro with SuperSU Zip Tool.
  • To download the Flashfire Apk Pro Wizard install, your device must have enough space as well.
  • And the important thing that you have to keep in mind is that the tool Flashfire Pro download only can process with brands and Samsung. So the device you are going to process with Flashfire Wizard install must be one of them. Therefore, applying other devices may harmful.
  • This flashing process may harm your device it is fail to complete successfully.

How to Apply/Install Flashfire Apk after Download?

  1. You can Download Flashfire 0.60 Pro Apk Tool with its recent version 0.60.
  2. And then install the downloaded file to your Android Mobile.
  3. Now copy the file to the storage after you download the custom ROM.
  4. And then just run the Flashfire tool and you can read and agree with the user agreement.
  5. Now click the plus mark and the option Wipe only without making any other changes with the process.
  6. And again you have to lick the plus mark and then the Flash Zip/ROM as well.
  7. And finally, just click the flash button for the Flashfire to process for your device.
  8. Now stay out of the device and wait till it completes during next few minutes.

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