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Hola Launcher

Hola Launcher

Hola Launcher is a Personalization Launcher app easy to install. With it your phone can stay fast and responsive, while providing the most important features people need. At the same time, you can further customize with beautiful themes and wallpapers.

Hola Launcher App has nice looks & themes and is quite quick! It was nice to play around with something a little bit different, Hola Launcher is a nice change from stock and coming from the Google Now Launcher. There’s a lot of features providing by Hola Launcher App, but all are there for a purpose. It’s not too overcrowded with features, themes keeping that touch of minimalism about it.

This is the equivalent of the app drawer. Like Windows Phone, you have to swipe down and the apps are categorised in alphabetical order. Something that makes scrolling more productive is the alphabet on the right. Swiping through that is a quick way to navigate to an app that starts with a letter that is far away and would otherwise require a lot of scrolling. It’s a really nice addition to have and I have found myself using this more than once. Thanks to the Hola Launcher Themes.

Another small thing about Hola Launcher is that you might have noticed is the blurred backgrounds. This has a really nice clean effect and is really modern. Personally, I loved this themes of Hola Launcher and would go to the app drawer to find apps rather than my folders, to experience that nice backgrounds.

One of the things that you may have noticed using Android is the little dots on the bottom. These show you what page you are. There is a small animation where the dots connect and move across, as if they were liquid. This is a really small features of Hola Launcher but great nonetheless.

Hola Launcher is as cool as it was, I liked to get to the app drawer with the button with the three dots, rather than finding the homescreen with the ‘all apps’ icon or double tapping the background (opens app drawer). I also felt quite overwhelmed with all the little things that come with using the app and learning how to go past its quirks. For some, this Hola Launcher app will be amazing. Personally, this is a good launcher that I will remember.

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Hola Launcher believes less is more! Hola Launcher believes there is beauty in simplicity!

  • Hola Boost – Free up memory (RAM) and further speed up your phone with a single tap!
  • Hola Shine – A simple swipe from a bottom corner opens a smart menu of your frequently used apps and settings.
  • Hola Box – Protect your privacy by swiping up with two fingers to hide apps you don’t want displayed on your desktop.
  • Personalize – Download, install, and enjoy free high-quality themes, wallpapers, and fonts. Updated every Friday!
  • Search – Swipe down on your screen to quickly find apps, contacts, or websites. You can also use voice search!
  • Intercept – Keep your desktop clean and clutter-free by manually approving any shortcuts added to your desktop!
  • Notifications – Never miss an important message again from your friends and family with home screen icon notifications.
  • Weather Forecast – Conveniently see weather forecast information for the next 6 days.
  • Screen Lock – Double-tap your desktop to lock your phone’s screen, freeing up and extending your power button’s life.
  • Priority Apps – Place the apps you use most on your default home screen, so they launch faster.
  • Smart Folders – Keep your apps organized with specific folders for Games, Themes, Tools, Lifestyle, Social media, etc.

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