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Lucky Patcher APK

What is Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher is an amazing Android Application which helps in removing ads, make modifications in app permissions, backing up and restoring apps, make in app purchases, bypass premium or paid applications by breaking license and much more. Due to its ability to verify license for free, the app is not available on Google Play Store. Therefore in order to Download Lucky Patcher you need to get it from the internet. Lucky Patcher was developed by ChelPus to help users get rid of annoying and frustrating Ad Pop Ups and make free in app purchases.

Lucky Patcher No Root

Lucky Patcher has various facilities provided for the users but for all of the features to work it you need to root your device. However, many features useful works fine without rooting. Lucky Patcher is capable of removing the Pop Up Google Ads or Third Party Ads from your premium or paid apps and games without root. And No Cheat is also Required to Install Lucky Patcher. If You Get any Custom Lucky Patcher Cracked APK, I would Recommend not to Download them.

However, you may face few problems if you are not rooting your phone. This includes losing your important data, slow phone and slow processing, few apps may not start and in some cases even the device fails to starts.

Lucky Patcher Apk Features:

1. Remove Ads like Google in app Ads, Google Pop Up Ads, Third Party Ads.

2. Change app permissions and make sure you are allowed to do things in the app/game which is not supported by default by the App Makers.

3. Back Up your apps and Restore them to use them anytime at any point of time.

4. You can easily buy things inside a app, for example, buying coins and gems in a game or buying a subscription in an app, all for free.

5. Break license and use Premium and Pro apps without paying a cent!

Download Latest Lucky Patcher Apk from here and learn how to use it.

Lucky Patcher is an amazing app which can be used to Remove Ads, break different apps’ Android Market License Confirmation or other Confirmations for the applications, that is, you won’t be needing to pay inside a game. The app has been developed by Developer Chelpus. Lucky Patcher application plays a major role for rooted android device. Lucky Patcher is a type of app which you will not be finding on Play Store because the app break license in order to give everything of an app for free. Apart from finding it on Play Store, using Lucky Patcher is not that a tedious job. Lucky Patcher has many versions released by ChelPus which gained immense popularity due to the things it can do. And the Most Important Part is Whether the Lucky Patcher Works for iOS also? No Sad that there’s no iOS Version for Lucky Patcher APK Available yet.

Lucky Patcher Hack APK is trust-able and a very stable and a superb app. However, WORDS OF ADVICE! There is no 100% guarantee of this app. This is because it may cause issues to your mobile devices which is noticed by very few users such as phone restarting, android system being unstable, android process stopping,etc. Other than that through this app, you can easily remove the different type of Ads such as Google Ads, in App Pop Ups , External Ad Pop Ups, etc. which are very annoying and frustrating.

In order to be on a safer side you should always prepare a complete backup of your data in a different storage (external storage for example ) as this app may lead to loss or corruption of your data. There is always a little risk in using this app. You will be Amezed to know that Lucky Patcher Beta APK was also there on the Starting of the App.

However, many users are using Lucky Patcher App to remove ads and enjoying the amazing benefits of Lucky Patcher. Without Ads, Pop Ups, etc. you can easily use your apps which kind of also helps in saving the battery life.

How to Install Lucky Patcher for Android

No Root Required to Download & Install Lucky Patcher:

Many users are stuck in Lucky Patcher Download because of rooting your phone. But you don’t need to root your phone to use Lucky Patcher even when it is Blocked or Banned. Just Download the App, install it and use to remove ads, and make free in app purchases.

How to Install Lucky Patcher APK?

Here are few steps you can follow to install Lucky Patcher Apk and use it :

  1. Download the Lucky Patcher Apk.
  2. Open it and install it.
  3. In Case you are able to install it, you need to allow permissions to install Lucky Patcher. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Tick the option.

How to Use Lucky Patcher App for Android?

Lucky Patcher Original Version works very reliably on Devices having high RAM. But if you have a slow phone, you need to give it some time, have patience and let Lucky Patcher App do its magic.

How to Remove License of any App using Lucky Patcher App?

  1. Open your Menu on your android device and open the Lucky Patcher App.
  2. A list of apps installed on your phone will appear.
  3. You need to click on the app you want to remove permissions.
  4. Click Open Menu of Patches > Remove License Verification  > Auto Modes.
  5. Click on Apply.

How to Remove Ads using Lucky Patcher App in Android?

  1. Remove license of the apps you wish to remove ads from using the steps above.
  2. Click Open Menu of Patches > Remove Google Ads . Patch to remove Google Ads.
  3. Click on Apply.

What if the Installation is Blocked for Lucky Patcher APP?

  1. Go to Settings on your Android Phone.
  2. Search for the Secuty there.
  3. In the Security, Tap to 2 Options to Unblock the Lucky Patcher Installation.
  4. One Option will be USB Debugging, Tap on it to keep it ON.
  5. Another Option will be Un-trusted Source Option. Tap on that Option too to Enable it.


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