How To Get M416 Glacier Gun For Free In BGMI Using Kek3.Com?

BGMI M416 Glacier Gun

M416 is a powerful gun in BGMI and you can camouflage easily by applying the Glacia Gun Skin.

M416 is a powerful assault rifle in BGMI. It is a balanced weapon for medium-range combat. It has good handling and comes with high damage stats. The gun is unlocked via crates or via completing a certain level of activities. That means it is random and if you are lucky enough to survive you can have this in your load-out. M416 Glacier Skin is quite popular in BGMI. Players are spending real money to buy it. But there is a way where you can get the BGMI M416 Glacier Skin for free from Read this guide for more details.

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Free Ways To Get M416 Glacier Gun using KEK3.COM?

Glacier Run is available in crates. It is random, but there is a trick to increase your chances of getting this amazing skin. Follow the steps below to boost your chances of getting a free drop of this skin.

  1. Remove your Guns, Outfits, etc everything before opening the crate.
  2. Keep your Avatar simple
  3. Open the Crate when most players are offline. It can be either midnight or early morning.
  4. If you see it on your avatar tap on it three to four times.

All the above tips are just for increasing your chances of getting M416 Glacier Gun skin. It is still random and there is no direct way of getting this. Keep patience and try checking the crates late at night. Because most of the players are inactive, this increases your chances of getting some premium loots for free. Another way is looking for sites like Kek3Com. The gun is also a part of PUBG where the same process lets players grab the skin for free. M416 Glacier Skin is really awesome due to its kill effect. You will unlock the skin attributes after completing Level 1. More drops are required to level up the skin.

Guns with Highest Damage in BGMI:

I am also going to share with you the list of some of the best guns with the highest damage in BGMI. With high DPS you can be lethal in medium/short-range combat. With speed, accuracy, and strategy you can easily take down a group of players. Along with this having the high damage gun in your loadout matters a lot.

  1. AWM – 105 HP
  2. Sawed-off – 160 HP
  3. M24 – 79 HP
  4. Kar98K – 75 HP
  5. Desert Eagle – 62 HP
  6. SLR – 58 HP
  7. R1895 – 55 HP
  8. FAMAS – 53 HP
  9. SKS – 53 HP
  10. DP-28 – 51 HP
  11. AKM – 49 HP
  12. GROZA – 49 HP

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M416 is considered one of the best assault rifles in BGMI. But if you are looking for guns with a high fire rate then AUG A3 is a good pick. For sniper AWM & Kar98K is really good. For pistols go with Skorpion, R1895, and Desert Eagle. Having a decent load-out with all necessary weapons can help you to penetrate deeper into the enemy zone. You can learn a lot from some of the best BGMI Players in India. Follow their streaming to know how they play exactly with their weapon choices.

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